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UPTO   135 cashback xerve Cashback 100 BONUS xervelogo CASHBACK* * Cashback will be transferred to Your Bank A/c
Activate Cashback & Go To Freshtohom...
  • 1. Login
    & Clickout

  • 2. Shop
    @ Freshto...

  • 3. Get Cbk
    From Xerve

Eligible for Rewards/Cbk Within 30 Minutes of Click-Out from Xerve (After Login), Add to Cart and Order via Freshtohome Desktop & Mobile Website If in Doubt about Lapse of 30 Mins. Repeat the Above Process.

100 Bonus Cashback One-Time Extra Discount for only Xerve Members who Shop at Partners like Freshtohome via Xerve for the First-Time (Valid on Order of 100 & Above)

  • Cashback Rate | Categories
  • How Cashback Works
  • Exceptions & Key Points
  • *Full Cashback T&C
Categories New Freshtohom... Customer Existing Freshtohom... Customer
For All Orders Upto 135 Cbk* Upto 5 Cbk*
Always Login and Click-Out from Xerve to Freshtohome before placing Every Freshtohome Order and Earn Xerve Cashback on All Your Freshtohome Orders.

Note 1: Xerve might need Upto 72 Hours to track/obtain the details of Your Order from Freshtohome and credit Xerve Cashback to Your Xerve Account.

Note 2: Status of your Xerve Cash will be Pending till the Seller confirms the Transaction. Change of Xerve Cash status from Pending to Approved can take between 1 Day to 12 Weeks; depends on the Order Cancellation, Exchange and Return Policies of each Seller.

Note 3: Approved Xerve Cash will be Transferred to Your Bank Account. (Any Amount @ No Charge). Ex: Xerve will NEFT 1000 to Your Bank A/c.
1) Please ensure that You Shop ONLY at the Destination Platform (Website/App) to be eligible for Xerve Cashback. Examples below:

a. If you are redirected from Xerve to the Freshtohome Desktop Website or Mobile Website, please Shop ONLY at Freshtohome Website to receive Xerve Cashback. In this case, Shopping at Freshtohome App will not help you earn Xerve Cashback.

b. If you are redirected from Xerve to the Freshtohome App, please Shop ONLY at Freshtohome App to earn Xerve Cashback.

2) After you Click-Out to Freshtohome's Website/App, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT ANY OTHER CASHBACK, COUPONS or OFFERS Website/App to ensure that you DON'T MISS OUT on Xerve's Mega Cashback.
Missing Cashback Submit Claim Within 7 days of your Purchase. Cashback Applicable Only 3 times Per Month Unique Freshtohome & Xerve users
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