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Asics Sliders / Slippers in India

Asics sliders are a stylish option for all your casual street and garden strolls needs. These lightweight, backless footwear are the epitome of comfort when you need a pair of footwear that can cope with the heat in the summers. Unlike most shoes, they least cover the upper of the feet, and as the name suggests, one can slide his feet into the siders and be good to go.

Asics has been one of the famous brands from Japan, selling its sports footwear and clothing worldwide for more than 50 years. The sports shoe collections like running shoes, tennis shoes, badminton shoes, cricket shoes, boxing shoes, track and field shoes have brought Asics popularity in the sports arena. However, casual assortments like sandals, floaters, slippers, slides, and flip flops have also caught users' attention from all over the world.

Asics Sliders Price List in India

Asics slippers and sliders are excellent budget-range footwear that comes in handy for all your walks to the market, strolls in the garden, and relaxation by the poolside. They are available at a price range of Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500. Refer to the Asics slippers price list below to know the prices of the best-selling Asics slides in India.

Asics Sliders Asics Sliders Price
ASICS Unisex-Adult As003 White Black Sliders-11 UK Rs. 900 to Rs. 2000
Asics Slides(Black 11) Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000
Asics Slides(Black 9) Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000
ASICS Unisex's As001 Black/White Sliders-9 UK Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000
Asics Slides White 6 Rs. 800 to Rs. 900
ASICS Unisex's As001 Indigo Blue/White Sliders-11 UK Rs. 800 to rs. 2000
ASICS Peacoat White Coloured Men Training and Gym Shoes (Size 7) Rs. 900 to Rs. 2000
ASICS Unisex Adult Black/White Leather Sliders-5 UK Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000
Asics Slides Blue 9 Rs. 900 to Rs. 1000
Asics Slides White 9 Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000

Asics Sliders Size Chart

Asics sliders are available in all standard sizes. Hence, finding a perfect size should not be a problem. Moreover, they are true to size, and the customers can buy their regular size. Given below is a size chart of Asics sliders for your reference:

Asics Slippers Men's Size (UK/Indian) Toe to Heel Measurement in CM
3 22.5
3.5 23
4 23.5
4.5 24
5 24.5
5.5 25
6 25.2
6.5 25.5
7 26
7.5 26.5
8 27
8.5 27.5
9 28
9.5 28.2
10 28.5
10.5 29
11 29.5
Asics Slippers Women's Size (UK/Indian) Toe to Heel Measurement in CM
3.5 22.5
4 23
4.5 23.5
5 24
5.5 24.5
6 25
6.5 25.2
7 25.5
7.5 26
8 26.5
8.5 27
9 27.5
9.5 28
10 28.5

Asics Footwear Width Chart

Men Size Women
2A Narrow
Narrow B Standard
Standard D Wide
Wide 2E Extra Wide
Extra Wide 4E

Asics Sliders for Men and Women

Many wide-footed women wear men's footwear as most women's footwear does not fit them comfortably due to the width. However, Sliders are one of the unisex types. Hence, you find an extensive assortment of Asics sliders for men and women online. While you can also find the narrower and more fashionable sliders for women nowadays, the original unisex ones have their charm when worn by a woman. They look equally fabulous on the feet of men and women.

Asics Sliders Colours

Asics sliders have a natural, casual, laid-back look to them. They typically come in black, blue, white, and grey colors. More colorful options like red, yellow, and others are also becoming popular. Asics sliders have all these options in their collection. Apart from these, the brand also has a good supply of Asics flip flops and slippers for a laid-back look. If you like sneakers for a more sporty look or dancing shoes for late-night parties, Asics has good options in them too.

Asics Sliders Review

Asics is a Japanese sports apparel and footwear brand famous for good budget-range products. So, if you are looking for some suitable footwear at a decent price point, you should check out this brand. They have a vast collection of casual footwear like Asics slippers, sliders, flip flops, sandals, floaters, sneakers, and dancing shoes, along with sports shoes. The sports collection comprises running shoes, tennis shoes, badminton shoes, cricket shoes, boxing shoes, track and field shoes, and more.

Comfort is the forte of Asics slippers and sliders. They also offer good color options depending on the customers' needs.

Asics sliders are good on your feet, and they do not weigh your heel down. Thus provide an excellent balance to walk with comfort.

Asics slippers and sliders are available in the budget range. Anyone who wants to buy a good pair of slippers or sliders between the price range Rs. 800 to Rs. 1500, Asics has a good collection. Many online stores also give them at even lower prices with discounts and cashback offers.

Sliders are unisex. Hence, you can buy Asics sliders for men and women.

Asics sliders and slippers are available in all sizes. You can buy your regular size to get a true-to-size pair or refer to the size chart to be precise.


  • Budget range sliders
  • Available from size 3 to size 11.
  • Colour options are satisfying
  • Comfortable fit and design


  • Lack in the collection to pair with Indian wear for women
  • Lesser options in narrow foot sizes of women

FAQs on Asics Sliders

What are sliders meant for?

Sliders are meant for the summer season, and you can wear them for all your street styling, beaches, poolside relaxation, and gardens.

What is the difference between sliders and slippers?

The slides are backless shoes with open toes that are meant for streets. On the other hand, slippers are softer footwear with toe support, and they keep most of your upper portion of the feet exposed. These are meant to be used at home.

When should you wear sliders?

Sliders are fantastic for summers, and you can also wear them for all your street styling, beaches, poolside relaxation, and gardens.

How much does a pair of Asics sliders cost?

A pair of Asics sliders cost from Rs 800 to Rs 1500.

Where do I buy Asics sliders?

Buy Asics sliders through Xerve, where you can compare the prices of the sliders on different online and offline shopping platforms and buy with the best discount and cashback deals.

Is there any discount and Cashback on Asics sliders?

Yes. Various online shopping platforms and the band bring 10%-45% discounts. Xerve gives upto 3% cashback offers on Asics sliders for the purchase through its platform. To know about the latest deals on Asics sliders, go to the brand page of Asics on Xerve.

Can men and women wear the same sliders?

Yes. Sliders are unisex, and hence, men and women can wear the same sliders.

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