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    Sony Home Theatre

    Buy a Sony home theatre system to get an immersive streaming and gaming experience at home. Post pandemic world has made people more cautious about their health. Most people prefer to stay at home unless it is necessary. But you cannot avoid the fun of watching movies with your family and friends at the cinema halls. You can create a cinema hall atmosphere at your home with a smart TV for the best visual experience and a home theatre system for theatre experience. Sony offers the best sound system, such as headphones, Bluetooth speakers, soundbars and home theatre. So, you can never go wrong with your purchase by the brand. So, shop for a Sony home theatre system now!

    Sony Home Theatre Price List in India

    Even though a home theatre system makes streaming and gaming fun, building a home theatre can burn a hole in your pocket. So, never forget to compare the prices on different online shopping websites before buying. Get the best deals online on Sony Home theatre systems through Xerve. The Sony home theatre price online ranges from Rs 8500 to Rs 62000. Below is a price list for your reference:

    Best Sony Home Theatre Features

    Sony has a reputation in the audio equipment market due to the finest quality headphones, speakers, soundbars and other audio equipment. From the sturdy external build to the precise sound delivery, Sony perfects every element of the products. It strives to make the streaming experience more immersive by constantly innovating and introducing new technologies.

    Sony's digital-sound-field-processing technology reproduces the surround-sound field virtually without using many speakers at different places. So, now you can cut that clutter of multiple speakers.

    Sony incorporates Dolby atmos technology that offers a 360° surround sound in a single device in its latest popular home theatre systems. So, you can have a theatre-like cinema watching experience at home without cluttering your house with multiple speakers.

    DTS:X decoding offers a multidimensional surround sound. This object-based decoding achieves a next-level sound adaptation. It understands the speaker configuration in no time to deliver sounds around and above you from the right directions.

    The tweeter and woofer are incorporated into a single device without any distortions in the sound quality.

    ClearAudio+ mode in Sony automates the sound adjustments depending on the content you stream.

    Digital Sound Enhancement Engine HX (DSEE HX) analyses the music and restores lost audio signals to deliver the best possible resolution.

    There are many other specifications of the Sony home theatre system, such as

    • NFC, Bluetooth and wifi compatibility
    • MusicService button to pick up your tunes from other devices
    • Chromecast built-in and Spotify connect

    Different Sony Home Theatre (2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 7.1)

    Sony Home theatre systems come with multiple specifications. You can choose the models depending on your needs and the budget. Sony Home theatre, at a price between 5000 to 10000, offers a good home theatre on a budget. But you can also buy the more expensive ones with high-end specifications such as Dolby Atmos technology.

    Sony 2.1 Inch Home Theatre

    Sony 2.1 home theatre is one of the excellent budget-range home theatre systems that you can buy from Sony. It has a stylish yet straightforward setup for your home theatre with a 60W power output that offers you a fantastic listening experience. A large subwoofer box delivers a more expansive multimedia sound.

    Sony 4.1 Inch Home Theatre

    If you are looking for a Sony home theatre at a price between 5000 to 10000, then Sony 4.1 home theatre system is one of your most dependable options. It comes with an 80 W power output that offers an excellent sound delivery. The big subwoofer box assists in a better distribution of sound to a broader area. It can be operated through remote control.

    Sony Home Theatre 5.1 Inch Tall Boy

    Sony home theatre 5.1-inch tall boy comes with a 600 W power output and offers a dynamic sound. It has 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer that work together to deliver a full-frequency sound. The Dolby digital incorporated in this Sony Home theatre system offers high quality, dramatic surround sound. You can stream all your favorite songs through your smartphone, and it supports Bluetooth and NFC.

    Sony 7.1.2ch Home Theatre

    Sony home theatre 7.1.2ch comes with Dolby Atmos technology that assists in achieving an excellent immersive streaming and gaming experience from the comforts of your own home. A single soundbar and subwoofer work together to create a natural 3-dimensional sound effect by combining digital signal processing, S-Force Pro front surround and wavefront technology.

    How do I update my Sony home theater system?

    To update the Sony home theater, you have to download the update software to a USB and follow these steps.

    Step 1: Switch on your TV and home theater system and ensure that they are connected correctly.

    Step 2: Press the home button on your remote control.

    Step 3: Once you get the Xross Media Bar menu on your television, use the arrow buttons to navigate the menu.

    Step 4: Go to Select > System Settings > System Information and press ENTER.

    Step 5: Select Quick Start Mode and set it to Off.>

    Step 6: Insert USB into the port for update.

    Step 7: Go to Setup > Software Update on the Xross Media Bar menu and press ENTER.

    Step 8: Grant permission for the update by pressing OK for permission query message

    Step 9: Once the update is installed, the panel displays DONE and automatically turns off. You can turn it on manually and check if it has been updated.

    Sony Home Theater Review

    Sony is a reputable brand in the market for sound equipment. Unlike most brands, Sony sound equipment offers balanced sound with rightly proportioned bass and treble. Moreover, their prices are also very reasonable. You can buy Sony home theatre Bluetooth compatible systems at an affordable price for easy connectivity with phones and laptops. Sony is one of those few brands that offer good soundbars for home theatre at a reasonable price range. Moreover, the Sony home theater systems look sophisticated even with their simple and unique design. They are mostly easy to install due to the fewer cables. The colour-coded format makes the whole process even simpler. You have options both in high-end models and budget prices. The high-end home theatre systems come with the best specs, such as Dolby atmos technology, operation through smartphone, voice assistance and more.


    Value for Money

    Has good products at all price range

    Easy to install

    Dolby Atmos technology at the best prices

    Smartphone operation


    You might have to listen to the sound before buying the sound equipment if you are a bass lover. Some devices may have too much bass, and some might have less than you want.

    FAQs on Sony Home Theater

    Does the Sony home theater have Bluetooth?

    Yes, the Sony home theater has Bluetooth.

    How to connect a Sony home theater to a phone?

    To connect the Sony home theater to the phone

    Step 1: Turn on NFC settings on mobile

    Step 2: Launch MusicCenter by clicking on the MusicCenter icon

    Step 3: Click + button and choose to Connect by NFC

    Step 4: click the NFC symbol on your mobile

    Which home theater is best for home?

    How do I connect my home theater to my TV?

    To connect the Sony home theater to TV

    Step 1: Use an HDMI cable and connect two ends to the required input and output on the home theater and the TV.

    Step 2: Take the red and white cable and match the same colors on the home theater and TV.

    Step 3: Use the digital optical Toslink cable and plug it into the home theatre and TV's optical input and outputs. Yes, Sony home theaters have Bluetooth.

    Is there any discount and cashback on the Sony home theater system?

    Yes, the Sony home theater system is offered at upto 35% discount on various online shopping websites. Moreover, multiple banks and wallets bring cashback offers on purchases made through their payment platforms. You can find out about all these discount and cashback offers on Xerve and get upto 2.5% extra cashback on Sony home theater purchases made through Xerve.

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