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hardware and fixtures,door and window fittings

Citizen Prahari 40MM (Pack of 5) Lock 3 keys (Exclusive offer), Citizen MorticeLock Set S-005 (KY) With 70 mm Bullet Lock(Brown), Citizen MorticeLock Set NEW-18 (KY) With 70 mm Bullet Lock(Brown), Citizen SafeGuard InterLock 6 Stroke with 3 Ultra brass Keys Lock(Silver), Citizen Disk Lock Set Stainless Steel (90mm) with 4 common coputerised keys(free lock), Citizen Dus chal (universal ) Bright with Latch door Lock(Silver), Citizen Pad Lock(Long Shakle) With 3 Keys Padlock(Silver), Citizen Stainless Steel DiskLock 90 MM (3 Keys Ultra) Combination Lock(Silver), Citizen Six Chal InterLock (2 Key) Lock(Light Reddish), Citizen Stainless Steel DiskLock 70 MM (3 Keys Ultra) Combination Lock(Light Green), Citizen Iron InterLock (BIG) 2 keys Lock(Light Green), Citizen MorticeLock Set Steel Excel (KY) With 65mm Lock(light red)
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