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diaries and notebooks,diaries

Purpledip Handmade Paper Diary/Journal/Notebook With Peacock Painting In Traditional Indian Design; Cotton String For Locking In Bahi-Khaata style (10497), Purpledip Leather Diary / Journal / Notebook Dancing Dragons for Corporate Gift or Personal Memoir Handmade paper encased with a Handcarved Leather Cover (10105 / lj04), Purpledip Mini Diary(Recycled Handmade, Red), Purpledip Leather Diary / Journal / Notebook 'Guardian Owls' With Naturally Treated Paper; Corporate Gift Or Personal Memoir (10763), Purpledip Handmade Paper diary/ journal/ notebook with handpainted camel in traditional Indian Bhai khata style (10550), Purpledip Leafy Trails Naturally Treated Paper Encased Leather Diary, Journal, Notebook (Standard Size, Multicolour), Purpledip Travel Journal (Vintage Diary) 'Calm-Amidst-Fury': Fire Burnt Handmade Paper Notebook; Unique Gift for Personal Memoir (10765), Purpledip Regular Diary(Handmate, Brown), Purpledip Regular Diary(Handmade, Multicolor), Purpledip Book-size Diary(Handmade, Multicolor), Purpledip Regular Diary(1, Brown), Purpledip Pocket-size Diary(Ethnic, Brown)
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