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power and hand tools,hand tools

Multi Utility (Curved Claw Hammer (0.2 kg), Strapping Packing Tool- Crimper Sealer (Silver Crimper), SAIFPRO Variable Speed Jigsaw Machine with 70 mm Metal Blades and Wood Cutter, SAIFPRO Iron Sledge Hammer (2 lb, Black), SAIFPRO Box Packing Machine Manual Crimper (Red), SAIFPRO Iron Monkey Plier (Silver, 10-inch), Adjustable Wrench 8, SAIFPRO Steel Locking Welding Clamp (Standard Size, Silver), 8 COMBINATION PLIER FOR INDUSTRIAL USE, Locking Welding Clamp, Double Sided Open End Wrench Set (Pack of 8), Revolving Leather Canvas Punch Plier
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