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Harappan Civilization: Homogeneity and Hetrogenity, Hanuman the Only Devotee, Civil Disobedience Movement in the Punjab 1930-1934, Settlements in the Yamuna-Hindon Doab: An Archaeological Perspective, Prehistoric Mythological and Legendary Links: Sri Lanka to India, Telecommunications: Indian 50 Years of Independence: 1947-97 Status, Growth and Development, Ban-Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in Himachal Pradesh, Indian Gods and Goddesses: Yogini Shrines and Saktipithas Volume 4, Indian Gods and Goddesses: Deities in Terracotta Art Earliest Times to Late Medieval Period v. 5, Foundations of Ayurveda: Anthological Approach, Tibetan Mahayoga Tantra, The Date of the Historical Sakyamuni Buddha, Nalanda: An Ancient International Institute of Advanced Studies in History, Art, Architecture, Iconography, Literature, Education, Philosophy and ... Hiem Tsang, Itsing and Many Others..., Bioresources Conservation and Management, The Legacy of Dr Ambedkar: Bharat Ratna, Indian Gods and Goddesses: Vedic Deities Vol. 2, The Harappan Script: A New Perspective, Archaeology of Medieval India, Humanist Thought in Contemporary India, Kerala Mathematics: History and Its Possible Transmission to Europe, Population Anthropology: A Study of Weavers Community, Ganga the Holy River, Wheel of History, Studies in Pali and Buddhism: Memorial Volume
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