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Br Publishing Corporation

Reference Books,

Ravana: An Attandant of Visnu, The Great Buddhist Kings of Asia, Synergy in Vastu, Tibetan Mahayoga Tantra, Drought Strategy, Telecommunications: Indian 50 Years of Independence: 1947-97 Status, Growth and Development, The Date of the Historical Sakyamuni Buddha, Cultural Archaeology of Ahmadnagar During Nizam Shahi Period (1494-1632), Ban-Gujars: A Nomadic Tribe in Himachal Pradesh, Changing Roles of Agricultural Extension in Asian Nations, Indian Gods and Goddesses: Deities in Terracotta Art Earliest Times to Late Medieval Period v. 5, Tribal Heritage of Madhya Pradesh: An Annotated Bibliography, Humanist Thought in Contemporary India, Civil Disobedience Movement in the Punjab 1930-1934, The Legacy of Dr Ambedkar: Bharat Ratna, Bioresources Conservation and Management, Marketing of Perishable Products, Girish Karnad Poetics and Aesthetics, Jain Ramayana Paumacharyu: Rendering into English from Apabhramsa, Indian Gods and Goddesses: Vedic Deities Vol. 2, Settlements in the Yamuna-Hindon Doab: An Archaeological Perspective, Social Life in Ancient India 800 B.C. to 183 B.C., The Gazetter of Sikhim, Garo Achik Tribe of Meghalaya
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